What are the mode(s) of transmission for C. Perfringens?, biology homework help


Click HereView in a new window to download and read the scenario for Course Project Part 7. Answer the questions below. Write your answers in complete sentences. You may need to use additional resources outside of your textbook to complete this part of your project. Please be sure to cite any sources you may use with APA and include a Reference page.


  1. What are the mode(s) of transmission for C. Perfringens?
  2. What type of epidemic (outbreak) pattern do you believe has occurred at EATC? Why?
  3. With this new information your case definition can be more specific? Submit your updated case definition.
  4. Your hypothesis can also be updated with this new information. Submit your updated hypothesis.
  5. What concerns do you have about the food safety findings from the food handling investigation?

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