Research proposal of the Systems engineering management project

Dear this is the Research proposal of Systems engineering management Research Project.

it could be

Transportation system

intelligent transportation system

Metro System

Transportation / traffic simulation system

Independent Research Project: You will provide a minimum of a 5-page analysis of a real system which successfully or unsuccessfully applied the principles of systems engineering or a significant project having noteworthy social, political, economic and/or business implications, with emphasis on the systems engineering management issues of the project. This is to be developed from your individual research in the library, internet, INCOSE website, media, corporate sources, etc. Note that:

  • The analysis shall be of an actual system, and must demonstrate either: the successful planning or implementation of at least three elements drawn from the life cycle functions, technical management elements or steps of the systems engineering process; or the results of failure to apply these elements. Other aspects of the project you might report on include:
    • What were the social, political, economic and/or business management issues that affected technological choices and engineering decisions?
    • How did managers use the systems engineering process to account for these issues?
    • How did these issues affect engineering design / development / test decisions?
    • What were the “Lessons Learned”?

You do not need to footnote this report, but you must provide a bibliography of source references on an additional, separate page. Only provide significant sources which directly contribute to the analysis. The system can be a large commercial project in any country, an international project, a civil works project or a military weapon system, but must be documented. No development project is perfect, so a description of failures as well as successes should be included.

For your source references, you MUST use at least one academic book and a minimum of two journal or newspaper articles (NOT blogs). Wikipedia is NOT a source, except for very general background information. Graduate students need to have research skills, analysis and synthesis of detailed information as part of their toolkit.

Your critical analysis should demonstrate knowledge of the course material (30% of research paper grade) how that material applies to this specific case (40%), appropriateness of the chosen system as a positive example of the application of systems engineering (10%) and an ability to communicate that knowledge in an organized and logical fashion (20%).

Provide the instructor your project proposal on Blackboard, following the provided template, no later than Class 5 for review and approval. Follow your proposal! If you state you will do something, DO IT.

Please submit (on Blackboard) the project report and a 15-minute presentation (which can be PowerPoint or any other media, including video) no later than Class 10. Project grades will be marked down if handed in late.

  • You will present a 15-minute PowerPoint briefing to the class during either Class 11, 12 or 13. Be prepared for a 5-minute question-and-answer session with the students and professor.

NOTE: All papers will contain a cover sheet and a bibliography, which do NOT count towards the page length requirement.

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