Formulate a process improvement plan using the root cause, health and medicine homework help

As the Chief Quality Officer you must present your findings on the quality issue you selected in Week 3 and how you plan to improve the process to your executive team and your health care team. You are expected to give a professional presentation. What will you share? How will you convey your plan to address the quality issue?

Formulate a process improvement plan using the root cause analysis you created in Week 2.

Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation that you would present to your quality committee that details your research. Include the following:

  • A brief description
  • Two or three strategies for quality improvement
  • One strategy to apply to the quality issue, with rationale of why you chose this strategy over others
  • Ideas to initiate in your chosen areas for quality improvement
  • A connection to the organization’s mission, vision, and value statement as it pertains to the plan

Note: Your presentation must incorporate professional standards. Research the links provided on creating professional slide presentations.

Draw from the research you have already compiled, noting evidence-based support from scholarly articles using in-text citations.

politics power stakeholders, health and medical assignment help

Simply put, politics is power. It is the power that influences issues toward political agendas, the power that persuades stakeholders toward favorable solutions, and the power that draws national attention to polarized policies. Politicians have the power, the means, and the position to not only “politicize,” or make an issue political, but to also “politick” to gain power and influence for public health issues.

As a public health professional, what should you know before entering the political arena? How might you apply knowledge of political agendas to assist you in advocating for your issue?

Before attempting to impact policy at the local, state, national, and/or international level, public health professionals must first identify the numerous stakeholders who impact their issue. In addition, taking time to understand how politicians have voted and lobbied for the issue is critical.

In this Discussion, you examine the history of political support for or opposition to the public health issue you have selected for your Scholar-Practitioner Project. You also investigate how stakeholder power has influenced the progress (or lack thereof) of your issue.

To prepare for this Discussion, review Chapter 4 of the course text. Then, consider the role politics has on your public health issue and identify the various stakeholders who have (or are) impacting the issue, conducting further research as needed.

Bhattacharya, D. (2013). Public health policy: Issues, theories, and advocacy. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

  • Chapter 4, “The Role of Politics: Players, Processes, and Power” (pp. 99–139)
  • Goldberg, D. S. (2012). Against the very idea of the politicization of public health policy. American Journal of Public Health, 102(1), 44–49.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Grogan, C. M. (2012). Editor’s note: The hidden strength of prevention politics. Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law, 37(2), 177–180.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Kamradt-Scott, A. (2013). The politics of medicine and the global governance of pandemic influenza. International Journal of Health Services: Planning, Administration, Evaluation, 43(1), 105–121.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Tarantola, D. (2012). Foreword: Public health, public policy, politics and policing. Harm Reduction Journal, 9(1), 22–23.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • By Day 4, post the stakeholders who have impacted (or are currently impacting) your public health issue and explain the level of impact each has had and why. Then, describe the history of political support of or opposition to your issue. Justify your post with specific examples of stakeholder and political involvement in public health policy and advocacy. Support your post with the Learning Resources and peer-reviewed sources.

    physics Report, physics homework help

    hello there!

    physics report!

    i want you to write 2 to 3 pages. and if there is any draw show it on the report and please make it clear , basics word high school words.

    write about the device properties and mechanical processes happening in the van graaf generator , you do not need to go in to details about the physics involved in the device. you should write and cover the basics of the generator and it is effects on the it is surroundings.

    The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle—How to Become a Servant Leader, assignment help

    The reading for this class is “The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle—How to Become a Servant Leader”, by James C. Hunter. You will read this book across the course of the semester, and in the last week of the course, using the principles in the book, reflect back on how Servant Leadership may have influenced some of the decisions you made in the Community Care Center over the past 4 months. As this book is your primary resource for this paper, you do not need to make a reference page. However if you draw from other websites or books, a reference page is required. If you quote the author in your paper, please cite it appropriately, giving him the credit. This paper will not exceed 3 pages in length in appropriate paragraph format. (1.5 line spacing and Times New Roman 12 and 1″ margins).

    I have attached 5 scenarios for which I had to make decisions over the last 4 months. So that you have an idea of the decisions I have made in the Community Care Center and can use examples in the paper if necessary.

    Health Care and Quality Improvement Diagram

    Process Mapping the Health Care Team and Quality Improvement

    Identify a small quality improvement (QI) initiative in a specific health organization. QI is based on an organizational need, accreditation standards, or regulatory requirements. State your QI objective along with a brief description of the basis for the QI. Identify the roles of five paraprofessionals, health care professionals, and stakeholders needed to meet your QI objective. Involve teams as indicated. Use the tool provided to diagram the small steps (and the roles/personnel to take these steps) in order to move the QI initiative toward your stated QI objective. A flow chart may also be used.

    Example: Single Site Long-term Care Facility. QI Objective: Dispose of out-of-date or unused medication properly in this facility within 24 hours of expiration of purpose. Basis: This quality indicator is needed to meet the State of Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Office of Health Care Quality licensing standard. Personnel/Teams: Clinical Director of Nursing, Pharmacy Director, Electronic Health Record Team, Waste Management Supervisor and Team.  Map:  [based on a pre-determined tool]

    Environmental engineering, business and finance assignment help

    1-The EPA provides reports (sometimes referred to as consumer confidence reports) that explain where your drinking water comes from and whether any contaminants are in the water.

    Go to this information at the “Local Drinking Water Information” page of EPA’s Web

    site,( Look up the utility that serves your university and the largest city near your hometown. (a) What is the source of water? (b) Are there any violations? (c) If so, are they for physical, biological, or chemical constituents?

    For this Question use , Washington State University At Richland WA 99352 or 99354. USA.

    2-What are the major differences and similarities between the water quality of a typical surface water and typical groundwater source?

    3-Research the use of a filtration method that provides household (point-of-use) treatment in the developing world. Write a one-page report that is clearly referenced. In your report, describe the technology and address these issues: Is the technology affordable to the local population?Does it use local materials and local labor for its construction? What are the observed health improvements after implementation of the treatment system? What specific training do you believe is required to ensure proper operation of the technology?

    4-Visit the Web site for the World Health Organization ( Write a referenced essay of up to two pages about a particular pathogen and associated disease that is transmitted through contaminated water. What is the global extent of the public health crisis in terms of spatial and population effects? Does the disease affect wealthy or poor communities? What are the social and engineered barriers that can be used to reduce human exposure to the specific pathogen?

    5-What is the source of drinking water in the town where you currently live (groundwater,surface water, reclaimed water, or a mixture)? Sketch the unit processes used to treat this water in order of occurrence as currently practiced. What water constituent(s) does each unit process remove? My town is Richland city At WA, USA.

    6-Identify three significant water users in your town or city that could benefit from the use of reclaimed water. What economic, social, and environmental challenges do you see that might need to be overcome before you can implement your plan for these users to use reclaimed water?What would you do as engineer to overcome these barriers? As i said My town is Richland WA, USA.

    Thank you,

    Major Laws Affecting Fraud and Abuse, health and medical assignment help

    In an effort to promote awareness of healthcare fraud and abuse, your facility’s compliance officer has asked you to write a report that illustrates the major laws that address and support prosecution. In your report, provide the following:

    • A description and comparison of each law.
    • Summary of the importance and benefits of legal and ethical behavior in healthcare.

    Be sure to include all seven major laws covered and provide a summary that will emphasize the importance of professional, legal, and ethical behavior in the healthcare workplace.

    The length of your report should be 2 pages double spaced

    COO’s assertion that EMR technology, health and medicine homework help

    Your manager has asked you to help to prepare a response to the COO’s assertion that EMR technology is not critical for the health care organization. Write a 700- to 1050-word proposal that discusses the research-based benefits of using EMR technology. Include the following in your proposal: Explain the purpose of utilizing research in health administration. Explain the influence and importance of stakeholders in research utilization. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your presentation. Here is a link for a sample of a proposal paper.

    Write two papers, both must be totally different.

    Write Two different copies. Submit a 3-4-page research paper on the RFID standards which apply to your selected industry. If there are no specific standards (ISO link: that you think apply to your selected industry, then research how an existing RFID standard could be modified to support your selected industry. This paper will be graded using the rubric available under the syllabus section”.

    ISO (International Organization for Standardization) link:

    Note: Use at least two ISO standards from the above link at your research paper on the RFID standards which apply to your selected industry.

    electron spin of atoms

  • What are the 3 essential properties of every material?
  • New materials often lead to new technologies that change society. Describe how silicon-based semiconductors revolutionized computing.
  • What are microchips? How are they related to integrated circuits?
  • One of the pressing questions about the increasing ability of computers to quickly process large amounts of information is whether a computer can be built that is considered “alive” or “conscious.” What is artificial intelligence?
    • What are 2 essential differences between human brains and the central processing unit of a computer?