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I need help I’m taking an online class, I just had eye surgery and I need to get participation points for this week. My classmate just made a response and I need to reply to it. It only needs to be two paragraphs to answer the question. Can you please help me reply to this comment, please include a reference:

Here is the comment my class mate posted below in bold:

Very informative post! I appreciate the background on the signs and symptoms of the whooping cough. You would have a very informative presentation. I am trying to grasp the information from the standpoint of a student educated on a third-grade level. According to Plastino, many Latino students feel uncomfortable displaying information upon request. However, they are very willing to share in small group settings. Asking questions may make them feel as if they are “bothering” the teacher (Helping Latino Students Feel Comfortable In Your Classroom, n.d., p. 4).

As a nurse, I have noticed most of these statements to be true. I once had a Latino immigrant worker hospitalized for possible tuberculosis. I don’t speak Spanish, and enlisted the aid of the language line at the hospital to gather information to admit the patient. I noticed that he did not elaborate on questions. They were open ended, but he often responded yes or no. He did not share any information which he was not asked. I found out that he had a pregnant significant other only when I walked in his room, and called the language line to assist me in educating both of them on tuberculosis precautions. He called her his “friend” on the language line, but when he was told that he was contagious and the pregnant visitor was not safe, he finally told us it was his girlfriend. He never called out for anything, and never asked questions. I spent a great deal of time educating him, and many hours on the language line talking to the interpreter. Questions such as “How are you feeling today?” returned an answer such as good or okay. No elaboration was ever given. Given the learning habits of the Latino population, will you change how you assess their grasp on the knowledge? Would you use a test, small group, or rely on the interpreter? Thank you again for such an informative post.

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