Week 6 Case Discussion leader

I am the leader for this week. You job:

1- Read the article for the case discussion. Attached called (Angwenyi, V., Kamuya, D., Mwachiro, D., Marsh, V., Njuguna, P., Molyneux, S. (2013). Working with community health workers as ‘volunteers’ in a vaccine trial: practical and ethical experiences and implications) attached

2- Discussion leaders should fill out the Discussion Aid template attached.

3- You also must use your work on the Discussion Aid as background to organize your thoughts and prepare your discussion. The intention is to provide enough information that other group members understand the ethical issues in the case, the applicable ethical concepts, the actor identified as having decision-making authority, and the candidate courses of action proposed. For further guidance on leading your discussion, please review Section B (“Discussion Assignment”) of the mini-lecture entitled, “How to Approach Discussion and Writing Assignments”. Discussion leaders should post their initial discussion attached . You just need to look at Section A&B in the slides ( don’t worry about writing assignment this for something else attached.

4- Reply to the students I will provide this later.

In brief the Responsibilities of discussion leader:

 Summarize key facts

 Identify ethical issues and relevant ethical concepts (see Section A of this lecture)

 Focus on actor with decision-making authority (see Section A)

 Specify one or two candidate courses of action that the actor might take in response to the ethical issues identified

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