WildTrails Recent Sightings – The One-Stop Destination for all your Wildlife Travels

WildTrails Recent Sightings – The One-Stop Destination for all your Wildlife Travels

Tadoba National Park is the oldest and largest Tiger Reserve of Maharashtra, located in Chandrapur district. The park was established as the second Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra. Tadoba is famous among the wildlife lovers for its tiger sightings. Tourists love to visit Tadoba Tiger sightings,  Tadoba lake, Erai dam, Moharli, and Khosla village. The location of the Tadoba National park is also one of the main reasons to visit since it is only 2 hours’ drive from Nagpur.

Key tips for Tadoba National Park Visitors

Check Tiger Sighting Index & Contact the Wildtrails expert

Planning a wildlife trip is way different than planning other trips. You need to do proper research before planning for the Jungle Safari.  You can check the Current tiger sighting of Tadoba here. The recent tiger sightings data is on the basis of weekly, monthly and yearly as well. You can compare the sightings before any trip to Tadoba.

Guide/Tiger Tracker

If you go by yourself without a good tiger tracker, then you can end up spending more time in sightseeing than actually enjoying the true purpose of your safari. Generally, when you get the safari vehicle, you have the guide that is allocated by the forest department or hotel that you have booked but touring around with someone at random will not support your purpose.  There are a lot of trackers who will promise you to do the best but here we would like to suggest you that – trackers who are well experienced – over a decade in the same area will know a lot more than just a new bee that a forest department is recruited with knowledge of only the path and few basic birds and tree names. A lot of guides just have a tendency to drive around the park halting here and there for a bit, with no judgment or any information about where the tigers were shortsighted the day before. Check about Tiger Sighting Index before planning the wildlife safari or else you will end up with a bad experience.

Pick your tour operator wisely

In recent years, many tour operators have emerged in the market that are providing wildlife trips. There are many con operators in the market that you should not fall for.  Checking the operator’s website is the easiest way to assess its credentials but sometimes you don’t get to know about the operator just by googling it. Research should be done properly before booking a wildlife trip from any tour operator. Your tour operator will determine what kind of tiger expert you will get? and what kind of experience you will have? So, be alert before booking any wildlife trip from any operator.

Book multiple Jungle Safaris

If you are really determined to spot tigers in the wild, then you need to take some extra steps for it. There are chances that you can spot many tigers during one safari while in your next safari, you see only a few or nothing. Please remember that you are visiting the forest not a zoo; tigers will not appear just because you have paid for the safari. Plan a minimum of two safaris or more at a stretch as it increases the chances of spotting tigers in the wild.


Chandrapur is the closest railway station(for some safari gates of Tadoba) for those people who are traveling by train and for remaining safari gates, Nagpur is the closest one. You can also check the nearest railway head that is closest to your safari gates.
Nagpur is the closest airport for all gates for those people traveling by air. Please, check (Tadoba Safari Entry Gates) –to find out the distances from  Chandrapur and Nagpur
If you are planning to book a cab. The rates depend on how far is your gate from the city/town you are in. Please note they charge for return too even though you are just going one way.

Why With WidTrails

WildTrails is the world’s first and only company to bring Sightings Data, analytics into planning Wildlife holidays with all the sightings info (4 years data) to create a predictive metric called the sighting index.

WildTrails provides an easy way of seeing all possible wildlife trips for some of the top exotic wildlife destinations across the world [Currently Supporting India, Kenya & Tanzania] with an end-to-end trip right from your flights, to wildlife resorts to wildlife safaris to pickup/drops from local airports to even local experiences & that you probably don’t want to miss including 16-hr support via direct chat with our world-class support staff via our App or WhatsApp (in the event of any delays or last-minute issues to any general queries about your plan or destination).

WildTrails uses the network of best tiger tracker experts associated with the particular zone of the park.

Book Your Safari Wisely

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