“Weekly Prompts, geology homework help

See the Week 2 Prompt under “Weekly Prompts”. Your post is due Wednesday night, 10/5 by 11:59 pm.

A note on discussion grades and the grading process:

Discussion grades are primarily based on your responses to the weekly prompts. Two thirds of your discussion grades is based on your posts. One third of your discussion grade comes from posting an average of 2 replies per week. 

I try to allow as much flexibility in the replies as possible. Halfway through the quarter your first five discussion posts and ten replies are graded. You can wait until just before the first reply deadline to post all ten replies, or you can do what a lot of people do, which is post two replies per week and stay on track. It is completely up to you. Just remember that your replies should be substantial. Writing, “Yes, I agree and I like what you said.” is not a substantial reply. Get into the material. If you’re not interested in the material one week, consider posting more replies the next week. 

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