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need to respond to my classmates posting below. APA format, 2 simple paragraphs, 4-5 sentences each paragraph. at least 2 references no more than 5 years old. You can use the same 2 references if you want or add one more. I just need to respond to my classmates posting below for participation points. Its due today at midnight. I need it done within 5 hours.

My classmates response below:

Presently at Medstar health in Maryland, there has been the development of a new fall technology tool currently in used. This instrument is like an IV pool with a camera/video recording attach to it. The facility has a central monitor that ensures a telesitter is at the monitor at all times. This monitoring system is compare to the telemetry monitor were some one is there 24/7 with constant observation. I was recently floated to the observation unit were I had the opportunity to use this device. It was amazing how I was called by a telesitter to check on my patient who had this device because he was a high fall risk. Bed alarms previously used, use to be border some to patients. The noise was irritating as some patients complain, it woke them from sleep just by turning and tossing. Some had difficulties falling asleep once awake by this alarm.

Just with this device alone there has been an increase in the number of staff on the floor rather than having a 1:1 sitter in the room watching the patient. Most patients did complain that 1:1 sitters often fell asleep in the patient’s room. Patient care technicians (PCTs) has beepers as well so that they can be reach by the central monitoring. An article by Klymko (2016) argues that falls have been reported to occur during times of position change and ambulation, and are often unwitnessed. Therefore, emerging interventions using assistive technology for fall prevention is the way to go. They provide a window through which falls can be examined in a new way, with previously obscured information now available regarding hospital-based falls and their past experience. This new fall technology provide real-time view of patient activity through computer visualization which is different from any other technology used to prevent falls.

Effects of increased used, barriers and Adoption

Because this device is very effective Medstar health has witness a decrease in fall since its implementation (medstarhealth.org, 2014). No new technology is ever established smoothly. There is always those who want to stay in obsolete. Many health care providers prefer to still use the bed alarms and two sided bed rails. As a result many nurses and PCT were written up for not following hospital protocols. Simpson (2012) agrees that technology holds the key to making emerging better practices and the latest clinical breakthroughs available at the point of care. At the same token staffs now rely on telesitters to call before they can check on the patients. A major flaws which has been address through in-service and staff meeting. Because of the increase use of telesitter, Medstar health has witness a reduction in cost and physiological trauma related to fall which has led to greater patient satisfaction. According to the centers for Disease control and prevention (CDC, 2013), the cost of a fall by older adults is estimated to be 17,500.

Conclusively, predicting which patient is most likely to fall continues to be a complex challenge for nurses. Despite the efforts to create criteria for identifying patients most at risk for falls. Some patients are been miss as high risk patient’s why others place on high risk who do not need to.


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