understanding of Trauma and Trauma Related Disorders

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Begin Final Research Paper

The Final Research Paper provides an opportunity to be creative with your own integrative understanding of Trauma and Trauma Related Disorders

The focus of this paper is to choose an area of research that is relevant and pertinent to the assessment and treatment of PTSD, Complex Trauma and co-occurring disorders.

You are encouraged to utilize the Internet and the University Virtual Library to access current literature and information to enhance your analysis for this Final Research Paper.

The following guidelines will help you prepare for your Final Research Paper:

Paper is to be 10 pages total plus title and reference pages

Prepare a comprehensive Research Paper* aligned with the focus of this course. Your paper must include research on complex trauma and co-occurring disorders to include the following:

· The topic MUST be justified by your understanding of the prevalent research on the diagnosis and treatment of complex trauma and co-occurring disorders

· Integrate a discussion of how you see your research findings as significant to your clinical work or the field of psychology in general

· Illustrate an understanding by giving examples from your own life or clinical practice that supports your research. (If this does not apply to you, contact your mentor for alternatives).

§ Select a minimum of eight (8) current research articles* taken from scholarly journals (online or hard copy) on your selected topic.

*Do not use the course text or other textbooks for this assignment.

This is a research-based paper.

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