Two Papers

Task 1

In the film Inside the Teenage Brain, there were four themes that were discussed in relation to brain development in adolescence:

– Risk-taking

– Decision-making

– Conflict with patrents

– Mood swings

Considering these four themes, which one resonated most with you, and why? Please be specific in your answers and draw from the assigned reading (The Myth of the Teen Brain).

Additionally, on a 1-10 scale (1=very low; 10=very high). How would you rate yourself on the above four themes? Please provide examples from your teen years.

The paper should be about 300 words

Video link: (Inside the Teenage Brain)

Reading: The Myth of the Teen Brain

Task 2

Last week you watched the movie American Teen, which profiled five high school seniors from suburban Indiana. Each character faced a unique set of challenges given their respective family compositions, peer groups/cliques, extracurricular activities, and motivation to achieve academically.

Even though these characters were seemingly different from one another, explain how they were also very similar to one another.  (Draw some comparison amongst the five teenagers.  For example, one had different peer groups and challenges than another one, but they were still kind of facing some similar tasks) Explain

The paper hould be at least about 500 words

Video limk: (American Teen)

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