Traditional nursing home care ,health and medicine homework help

1-Discuss the causes and the effects of the deinstitutionalization trend in mental health. Discuss from the perspective of the patient and the health care system.?

2- Traditional nursing home care can cost over $8,000 per month. Discuss alternatives to traditional nursing home care. Discuss the payment sources for “traditional nursing homes” and the alternatives.?

3- Briefly discuss the history of hospitals. Based upon this history and current trends in medical systems, how do you think hospital will change in the next 10 years.?

4- Describe how hospitals have used vertical and horizontal integration to respond to changes in the health care environment?

5 – Why has there been a large increase in ambulatory services, and how has this affected other parts of the health care delivery system?

6 – Discuss the current role of the federal government in public health activities.?

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