the use of electricity and magnetism in our future transportation, essay help

Chapter 22.

Project 1: Essay+ Lab activity assignment.
Check all the instructions attached along with the Chapter.

1)The Essay Component

Write an essay on the use of electricity and magnetism in our future transportation with relevant references. The paper must be at least 1500 words, double spaced, in standard fonts and contains at least five references. Please follow the APA format.
Rubric attached.

2.) This lab activity has two (2) sections. The purpose of each of these two (2) sections is to provide you with an opportunity to learn the principles of physics and apply them to solve relevant problems. Upon completion of these two (2) sections, you will be better prepared to tackle future physics problems and the examinations in this course (the midterm examination and the final examination). Section 1 requires you to produce a lab report and the section 2 requires you to answer questions.(see all the details attached)

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