Review the position paper assignment that is due in Module Seven. For the position paper, you will make value judgments about prevailing debates in the field. While you will be relying more on your personal viewpoints, you must still substantiate claims with logic, reason, and evidence. This is your opportunity to engage in independent research. This assignment is made of two components. The literature review for your position paper is due in this module, and the position paper is due in Module Seven.

For this task, conduct a literature review of at least five appropriately cited, peer-reviewed journal articles. This literature review is used as a framework for the position paper.

For additional details, please refer to the Position Paper Guidelines and Rubric document and the Literature Review Rubric document.

This is an 8 page assignment.


Follow the rubric requirements (attached).

Sources must be cited with APA format.

Plagiarism is unacceptable. Must be less than 20% copied from source.

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