Need help with my Easy healthcare homework about a health care insurance company

1. Please select a health care insurance company that is located in your area and answer the following questions:
a. Is this a HMO or PPO?
b. How far is the nearest provider to your home? How far is the nearest hospital? Are there other providers and hospitals that are closer/preferred not listed as a preferred provider/hospital?
c. Does the insurer charge a different rate for customers who smoke as compared to customers who do not smoke? Please discuss.
APA format and citation. At least 200 words

2. For this unit’s assignment, develop a paper about reimbursement and the relationship with the HIM department. Please be sure to incorporate the following points within your response: 

a. Compare and contrast reimbursement methods. b. Discuss the consequences of incorrect coding and reimbursements. 3. How to correct an incorrect code used to submit claims. 

Your essay must be at least three pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. Please incorporate at least three references; at least one must be from the Online Library.