Need help with Medical question: BIO115 Week One Assignment 5-10

Refer to the following drug description to answer questions 5-8

AZO Standard

(phenazopyridine HCI tablets, USP)

Product of I-Health, a Division of DSM

Description: AZO Standard (phenazopyridine HCl) is a urinary tract analgesic agent, chemically designated 2, 6-pyridinediamine, 3-(phenylazo), monohydrochloride.


5. The generic name of the drug is ___________________________________________________________.

6. The chemical name of the drug is __________________________________________________________.

7. The trade name of the drug is ____________________________________________.

8. What is indicated by the ( r with circle around it) symbol after the drug name?

9. List three drug references:




10. Explain the difference between these two medication orders:

a. Give two Tylenol, PO.

b. Give on Tylenol No #2 PO.



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