Need health and medical help with a very easy Powerpoint presentation about the HITECH Act

Using your textbook,Online Library, and the Internet, research scholarly articles that discuss how the HITECH Act has changed the entire landscape related to the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

Develop a presentation that includes five-seven slides, not including the title and reference slide. Please incorporate the following within your slides:

 Slide 1: Title Slide

 Slide 2: Overview of the HITECH Act and Meaningful Use Act

 Slide 3: Adoption rate of EHRs in the United States during the past year

 Slide 4: Meaningful use stimulus program

 Slide 5: EHRs quality of care improvements

 Slide 6: The difference between an eligible provider and an eligible hospital

 Slide 7: Reference slide

 Feel free to incorporate up to two additional slides as needed

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