Need health and medical help with 507 Unit 2 Topic 1

Topic 1: PolyPharmacy and Policy

Look at case study number two, PolyPharmacy Problems, p. 166 of Health Policy and Politics, A Nurses Guide, by Milstead. Formulate a policy to reduce the practice of multiple drug prescriptions. What tools might be included in the design phase of the policy process to increase the probability of success? What research from other countries could be helpful in addressing this issue? Support your reasoning.

At least 250 words with 2 references/citations

BTW, the books for this class are

Textbook:  Policy and Politics for Nurses and Other Health Professionals 2nd ed.

Author: Nickitas, D. M., Middaugh, D. J. & Aries,N.

ISBN: 9781284053296

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Textbook: Health Policy and Politics, 5th ed., 2016

Author: Milstead

ISBN: 9781284048865

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett

I dont have them so if you cant find something let me know, as for this assignment pg 166 is needed from one of the books. 

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