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Paper 1 — Future of IT — Due Week 4 (10%)

Paper 1 — Future of IT — Due Week 3 (10%)

In a 2-4 page (700-1400 words) APA-formatted paper, give a brief history of where IT/MIS has come from in the past 50 years, then predict where it will be ten years from now. Remember to include the evolution of hardware, software and people’s roles. Using at least four different sources, justify your predictions with citations from the text and other articles.

General Instruction for Written Assignments

Your written assignment is intended to test your understanding of important concepts and discover how to sharpen your intellectual skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application. The intent of the written assignment is to provide an opportunity to more fully describe, explain, and analyze the books and other sources. When you submit your written assignment, you may want to submit it as an .RTF file attachment, as these usually retain your formatting.

Throughout this course, there are four main resources that you can rely on that will enable you to successfully complete written assignments:

  1. Empire State College’s Library and Research Resources – link here for the web-based on-line Library’s home page that can be reached any time of day or night.
  2. Writing Resource Center – link here for access to writing resources developed by Empire State College and the Genesee Valley Center Writing Program.
  3. Empire State College’s Writer’s Complex – link here for writing tips and assistance.
  4. Research Tips for Distance Learning Students – link here for recommended resources for distance learners.

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