MacLeod and McCarty’s important experiment, biology homework help

  1. describing Avery, MacLeod and McCarty’s important experiment. In your own words, write a few paragraphs that could serve as an abstract for their landmark paper. (Review the procedures for devising an abstract in the “Scientific Method” commentary in Module 1.) Abstracts may be quite different in different journals or for different purposes, such as poster presentations. What I am looking for here is a brief summary of the research, including details about how the experiment was carried out.
  2. Discuss different models for DNA replication that were considered by early researchers. Explain why the current model for DNA replication was accepted following experiments by Meselson and Stahl. Describe this model in detail and interpret the significance of helicases, gyrases, RNA primer, DNA polymerase, Okazaki fragments, and DNA ligase

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