Lunar eclipse occurs in minutes, science homework help

Choose only ONE of the following:


1. Write a Science Fiction short story (minimum 3 pages) about a day on the Moon for a futuristic astronaut who must FACE A DIFFICULT CHALLENGE. Use at least THREE pieces of real science that you have learned in the class.

2. Write a fictional pair of one-page letters, one from Johannes Kepler to Galileo Galilei, and the other a response back from Galileo, discussing Astronomy. Use ideas learned in class!

3. Suppose you make friends with a student taking an Astronomy class on another planet in our Solar System. Write a pair of one page letters, one from you to him or her (or it!), and one from him or her (or it!) back to you, discussing what is different and what is the same about what you see in the sky between here and there, and why those things are different from (or the same as) what we see on Earth. You both need to discuss what you see in the sky from your planet (stars, constellations, planets, the Sun, etc.), what days, years and seasons are like on your planet, etc.

4. Write a brief (3-4 pages MAXIMUM) original Astronomy homework assignment using the Stellarium software. It must explore some astronomical idea we have discussed in class.

5. Read the following 100 year-old article on the Future of Astronomy by Edward Pickering, from a 1909 issue of “Popular Science”: and write a two-page paper describing what Pickering got RIGHT about the future of Astronomy, and what he got WRONG.

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