Leadership characteristics necessary for professional nursing leadership.

Here are the instructions for the second paper:



  • Create at least two well-developed paragraphs discussing barriers to your six goals.
  • Consider finances, time management, family concerns, and other potential barriers.


Action Plan:


  • Create two well-developed paragraphs discussing your plan to achieve your six goals.
  • Your plan should include at least one specific action step that directly aligns to each one of your six goals.
  • Avoid generalizations such as “I will have to stay focused.”
  • Also, share a specific person in your life who can serve as your mentor or role model as you pursue your goals.




  • Create two well-developed paragraphs to draw your paper to a reasonable conclusion.
  • Consider reviewing the article, Crafting Effective Introductions and Conclusions, from the Kaplan Writing Center for help with composing effective and meaningful conclusions.
  • Include a link to your PDP that you have uploaded to your Optimal Resume ePortfolio with your assignment submission. Refer to the Unit 6 and Unit 9 Activities for help with completing this required Assignment component.

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