Identify the five steps of an effective training program.

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In this assignment, which continues to build on last week’s assignment, you will create a mind map identifying the steps in the training process for a CRM program to help you understand the important role training plays in an organization. It further helps you understand the importance of training as you explore how training is designed, delivered, and measured for success.

Create a mind map for the CRM program you began working on in the Week 2 assignment.

Identify the five steps of an effective training program.

For each of the five steps, explain how these function at the following levels:

Organizational level

Job level

Personal level

Write a 875-word response in which speculate on the following:

How was the needs assessment conducted? How were the objectives for training set?

What training design and delivery method would be most useful for this program? Why?

Which training evaluation methods would you recommend to assess the success of this program?

Format any citations according to APA guidelines.

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