Identify how diversity and inclusion can help their organizations execute their business strategies

· Prompt 1 | The integrative project is a semester-long case study building on the material provided each week. Students should select an industry and create a name for a fictitious company.  Next, students should read as much as they can about the industry, its top performing companies, its growth outlook, and its current challenges and opportunities to be able to make decisions in setting up a human resource management function for the company. Students should describe what their company’s business strategy, competitive advantage, and talent philosophy will be as well as how they will position themselves to successfully compete in this industry. Students should apply the material provided in the PowerPoint documents, linking the business strategy to the human resource strategy for the organization.

· Prompt 2 |Think about and formalize the company’s position on social responsibility and ethics. Students should record their company’s formal statement about each. Students should describe the culture they would create at their company, explain why it is best suited to their company’s needs, and explain how it will contribute to its success.

· Prompt 3 Identify how diversity and inclusion can help their organizations execute their business strategies. Students should write a statement explaining their company’s approach to diversity and inclusion and identify how they will use different HR policies, media, and technologies to communicate and reinforce their approach with employees.


Do ppt work and 1-2 page word file.

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