HCS 465 Week 1 Literature Review in Research: An Annotated Bibliography

Resource: Literature Review in Research: An Annotated Bibliography Grading Criteria

Go to the Center for Writing Excellence.

Click the Tutorials & Guides link.

Click the Annotated Bibliography link the under the Samples heading. You may use this format to create your annotated bibliography.

Read the Annotated Bibliography samples provided.

Go to any of the three main databases of the University of Phoenix Library:

  • EBSCOhost
  • Gale PowerSearch
  • ProQuest

Search for a health care topic to use as the basis of all individual assignments in this course. The topic must require the application of the research process described in Ch. 1 of Understanding Research. The following are examples of appropriate topics:

  • Teen pregnancy
  • Medication error
  • Childhood obesity
  • Using technology and protecting patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Managing the health care needs of an aging population

Prepare an annotated bibliography consisting of two to three references from the University of Phoenix library to support the research on your chosen topic.  Articles included in your bibliography need to be recent publications (2011- present).

Prepare a brief summary, stating whether each reference is peer reviewed. Explain how you determined if the articles were peer reviewed.

Format your annotated bibliography and summary consistent with APA guidelines.

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