Gene Regulation

Discussion 1

Gene Regulation

In Fig 11.3 on p 202 of your book, you are shown the various stages at which the expression of genes can be regulated. Notice that these different types of gene regulation occur within the nucleus or in the cytoplasmGene Regulation

Nucleus Cytoplasm
Packaging of DNA Transcription of a gene Processing of RNA Exit of RNA from the nucleus Breakdown of the RNA message Translation of the mRNA Modification of the polypeptide Breakdown of the protein

1. In general, what is gene regulation and what are the consequences if this process goes awry?

2. Select two types of regulation (see above for a list); one that occurs in the nucleus and one that occurs in the cytoplasm and briefly explain each process.

Discussion 2

Genetic Code

The genetic code is discussed on pp 179-180 and pp 182-183 in your book. This code is what allows the string of nucleotides in our DNA to code for the sequence of amino acids that make up proteins.

1. Briefly explain what this genetic code is in general and how it works.

2. What is meant by the universality of the genetic code?

3. Explain briefly what the advantages and disadvantages of this type of genetic code are to humans.

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