FOR EXCEPTIONAL PROFF ONLY: Option #2: Determining Family Abuse Scenario and Presentation II

Option #2: Determining Family Abuse Scenario and Presentation II

You are a staff member of an Adult Day Care Service and noticed that an elderly female, who has recently been cared for in the home of her daughter and son-in-law, has bruising on both wrists and on the left side of her face. The elderly female tells you that her daughter and son-in-law steal her money and are starving her when she returns home in the evenings after attending daytime activities at your facility. The woman asks you to intercede because she has no other living family members to report this to. You ask the daughter and son-in-law how the elderly female is doing, and they confide in you that their mom is not well. According to them, she has Alzheimer’s disease, is often incomprehensible, and that recent tests revealed she also has a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand’s disease.

The Executive Director of the facility has an obligation to report potential elderly abuse to the proper authorities. Thus the Executive Director asks you to provide a presentation on your recommendations as to whether to report the potential abuse claim. The deliverable for this assignment is this presentation.

Begin your presentation by detailing the steps that you would take to investigate or assess the various claims put forth by the family and describe the actions you would consider if specific claims are found to be valid or invalid. Specifically, if you find the daughter’s and son-in-law’s claims to be valid, suggest a few ways to help the couple with their mother so that the elderly woman will not believe she is being abused. If it is determined that the mother is being abused, then detail the steps needed in order to get assistance for the family.


  • Your presentation should include a total of 5-6 slides plus an additional slide for the bibliography.
  • Cite at last two scholarly sources to support your conclusions and recommendations.
  • Include at least two graphics (photographs, diagrams, charts, etc.) in order to support your points and enhance the overall presentation
  • Provide tracks of your recorded voice to narrate each slide.
  • In text and reference list citations should be per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

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