flea parasite powerpoint presentation, biology homework help

As long as it covers the following info the powerpoint can be as long as deemed fit:

Include in your presentation:

1. Photograph of your parasite

2. Photograph of how the infection manifests itself in the victim (sores, lesions, lumps, blindness, skin discoloration, rashes, etc.)

3. Geographic range of the parasite.

4. Habitat of the parasite (temperature, land, fresh water, salt water, another animal that serves as a host).

5. How to protect yourself from an infection of the parasite.

6. Medications or methods used to kill the parasite or rid it from ones’ body.

7. Lasting effects (by drugs used or by the parasite).

8. How it may affect your travel.

9. Its basic life cycle (any other organisms needed for it to complete its life cycle).

10. Use a minimum of three sources to check the accuracy of your information (or use a reputable source such as a well know medical facility, university or the Centers for Disease Control for example) and cite the sources used.

11. Quote sources if you write word for word if you have no better way of stating the information.

12. Be able to answer questions if scientific terminology is used.  I suggest you learn the terms and their meanings.  You will lose points if you use a term and don’t know what it means.

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