Fixing one page, statement of purpose ( dental school )

Statement of Purpose for Ucla.docx 

I wanna change the Statement of purpose, change the specialty from Esthetic dentistry to prosthetic dentistry. As a result, the objectives and the example that i mentioned will change to another example.

I mentioned one of my patients was an actor who needed changing his smile. for the prosthodontics  I want to change it to  patient ( my grandmother)  who  needed a complete denture but my experience  did  not help me to fix this problem, also another example, my relative had car accident few years ago, and he missed one of his anterior teeth and he still wants implant to replace this missing tooth. 

In addition, this kind of program will improve and enhance my research knowledge in temporomandibular disorders.  i choose this school specifically because i will get this improvement that i can’t  get in different school because it includes treatment for geriatric  patients, too. 

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