filling out the macronutrient chart below

For the assignment, you will be filling out the macronutrient chart below (and attached) to assist you in synthesizing the content about carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.

Note that you are not expected to do extra research beyond what is provided in the text and course materials for this assignment (but you are free to do so if that would support your learning). Rather, complete the chart as you do the reading to help you focus on and learn about the key content.

Charts and tables are tools we use in science to break down information analytically and present data in an organized manner. It is a beneficial strategy for learning about and organizing scientific material, which we will be using often in this class. Make sure that you are detailed, thorough, and specific in your responses. Explain yourself clearly. Do not list a word or brief phrase without explaining what it means. For example, if you list diabetes for carbohydrates, make sure you explain how carbs are associated with diabetes. Don’t leave the reader to make that connection for you. Also, make sure you provide APA-style references for each of your sources (even if you only used the text and videos).


Macronutrient Chart

Name of Macronutrient Subtypes of Macronutrient (We’ve listed the names to provide a framework, but explain what each means) Food Sources (list food sources broken down by subtype of macronutrient) Major Functions (make sure to explain each) Recommended Intake (for you – include your demographic) Related Health Concerns (be specific regarding how the macronutrient contributes to this health problem)
Carbohydrates Monosaccharides


Which are simple?

Which are complex?

Proteins Essential amino acids

Nonessential amino acids

Lipids Triglycerides



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