Explain the problem Canada has with its Quebecois population, geology homework help (200 Words)

1. Explain the problem Canada has with its Quebecois population. You must include the historical context of this problem as well as what has happened concerning this problem over the past few decades.

2. Europe is in a dichotomous predicament. Two opposing forces are working in conjunction to bind Europe together and to tear Europe apart. Describe what these two forces are, then describe how supranationalism and devolution tie into these two forces, and finally give an example of each one (supranationalism and devolution).

3. Discuss the population implosion in Europe. Discuss what it is (make sure you cover total fertility rate and where Europe lies), why it is occurring and what problems are associated with it.

4.  Cyprus is in an interesting position. Only half of the island joined the EU in 2004. Which half joined the EU (and which half did not) and what is the history behind this division?

5. What is the historical background of the external southern periphery of the Russian realm and how does Georgia exemplify this background?

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