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Evaluating Emergency Management Plans

Using a unified approach and including the private sector in matters of disaster preparedness are two approaches that can evaluate the effectiveness of an emergency management plan. According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (2008), the unified approach permitted organizations with various jurisdictional, geographical, and authorities to interact with one another as a cohesive unit (p. 9). The purpose of enforcing a unified approach is to create a solid infrastructure to support a community during a disastrous event. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) (2015) noted that each agency maintains its own authority, responsibility and accountability when sharing the objective of safety and recovery (slide 14). Enlisting the private sector is vital to the survival of communities that rely on utility companies to provide power and water.

DHS (2008) stated that utility organizations should prepare for all-hazard events that may affect the delivery of goods and services to consumers (p. 15). When the private sector coordinates emergency management plans with federal, state, and local agencies the community remains resilient in troubled times. I think that a unified approach is most effective because each agency is held accountable for individual jurisdictions and it facilitates effective mass communication. (200 words).

Federal Highway Administration. (2015). Highway Infrastructure Security and Emergency Management Professional Capacity Building. U.S. Department of Transportation. Washington, DC: Author. Retrieved from http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/security/emergencymgmt/pro…

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