Does the skeletal system determine the shape of your body or how many bones you have?

Basically, the serves as the foundation and primary guideline for the structure of the body. In combination with your muscles and fats, they can provide your body shape.

It is the skeletons, muscles and the fats, working together, which determines the shape of an individual. Developing your muscles can change your body shape, the percentage of fats in your body can change your body shape. But without the skeleton that provides structure, there will be nothing for the muscles and fats to hold on to provide your body some shape. This three are important for an individuals’ shape.

In the case of the dinosaurs, only there bones were found, and they have no exact records of the dinosaurs’ average muscle sizes and average fat deposits. The dinosaurs that we know today, doesn’t look like what they actually look like when they were still alive. There are numerous articles that could support this claim.

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