Discussion Question 1, Week 1 – Discussion 2

Discussion Question 1,

Understanding the role information systems play in health care leadership is essential to the success of health care professionals. In a minimum of 300 words, address the following points in your discussion post:

  • Why is health care information important to all health care professionals?
  • Why is health information system important to health care?
  • Name four of the major health information systems and their use.
  • What is the impact of health information systems on patient care?
  • What are at least three definitions of the term “health care information”?

Week 1 – Discussion 2

Health information systems, like most technologies, face issues with data input and information output. Major issues of health information systems may vastly impact the accessibility and/or integrity of patient-protected health information (PHI).  Health care leaders are continuously concerned about PHI quantity, quality, security, and efficiency. In a minimum of 300 words, address the following points in your discussion:

  • List the main categories of information and data.
  • What are three ways in which data can be monitored for quality?
  • What happens when data quality is compromised?
  • How does the health care industry rate in terms of information systems adoption?

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