Describe one recessive OR dominant one human trait.  

you may want to check out these videos about Punnett Squares:

Learn Biology: How to Draw a Punnett Square:
Gregor Mendel’s Punnett Square:

Complete this Mendelian Activity  (click on “Go to Animation” and then the Play button for each step of the activity, you can skip the pea example with two traits) before preparing your response to this conference topic.

  • What are recessive traits?
  • What are the dominant traits?
  • Describe one recessive OR dominant one human trait.
  • Do you, your (biological) parents, grandparents and/or kids have this recessive/dominant trait?
  • What is your phenotype for this trait? What is your likely genotype for this trait?
  • Show how you came to your conclusions using a Punnett Square (you can copy this table, or use the Insert table button in the text editor).
  • Include the trait in the title of your post. Use the textbook and/or your favorite search engine/library to find information, include references.

Your main response should be at least 150 words and include references to all information sources used.

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