Describe how this film impacted your perception, attitude an/or behavior for future interactions with society and people with communication disorders

Movie Review Alternative:

Students will watch a movie about a main character with a communication disorder and write a review.

The movie you select must be approved by me if is not on the list below or it

may result in no credit.

Include your name, the communication disorder of the main character in the movie, and answer the

following questions—one paragraph per question.

Do not

re-tell the movie as you may assume that I

am familiar with the movie.


Describe in detail the communication disorder portrayed by the main character. (a) How

prevalent is this condition in the US? (b) What is known about the cause of the character’s

condition? Cite specific examples in the movie of the characteristics associated with this

disorder. Remember to discuss


(how the person shares information) and


(how the person understands) communication.


Discuss the a) social, b) emotional, and c) physical aspects (

all 3 issues MUST be addressed


that this character must address living—and coping—with this communication disorder. How do

people react to this individual?


Discuss how this communication disorder positively and negatively impacts this character’s life

and how it affects his/her family’s life with the person.


Describe three different emotions you experienced when viewing this film and explain what

triggered those specific emotions. What is a scene in the film or something you can relate to

your own life?


What are the main things you took from viewing this film? How does viewing the film fit with or

differ from the textbook description / classroom discussions of the condition? If topic has not

been covered in class yet, do your own reading and research to answer this question.


Describe how this film impacted your perception, attitude an/or behavior for future interactions

with society and people with communication disorders.


Why did you pick this film? Would you recommend this film to future SPPA 2000 students?



Lastly, write a paragraph regarding what this person’s future might hold regarding his/her

communication disorder.

The paper must be double-spaced, have one-inch margins, be typed using 12-point font, stapled, and

include the appropriate evaluation rubric. Papers must be no more than

two pages

in length. See

“Assignment Examples” located on your E-learning account for a formatting example. Failure to follow

the stated guidelines will result in a lowered grade.

This assignment is due Thursday, November 9,

2017 at the beginning of class.

***Acceptable movies for this assignment include, but are not limited to (if you get approval from me):

“Away From Her”

“The Miracle Worker”

“The Notebook”

“The King’s Speech”


“My Left Foot”


“The Piano”

“Children of a Lesser God”

“Forrest Gump”

“Mr. Holland’s Opus”

“Regarding Henry”

“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”



“Rocket Science”

“Pride of the Yankee’s”

“Mozart and the Whale”

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