Create an organizational chart that outlines the roles and responsibilities, health and medicine homework help

1 organizational chart with descriptions of 50–100 words
  • Create an organizational chart that outlines the roles and responsibilities of those who would respond to a large chemical spill in the city.
  • You should presume that local, state, and federal personnel and resources will be involved in the response. 
    • Be sure to highlight what organization should take the lead in the response. 
  • Your chart should not only list each organization but should also provide brief descriptions (50–100 words) of the organization’s responsibility. 
    • For example, the local fire department’s response would include the following: 
      • Determine the identity of the materials involved.
      • Determine the type and severity of hazards present. 
      • Assess the threat to human health and environment.
      • Assess the need for evacuations, site control, security, and notifications.
      • Direct interim remedial procedures to limit the spread of the materials.

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