children and residential experiences: A comprehensive strategy, health and medicine homework help

Please read the following article:

Holden, M. J., Izzo, C., Nunno, M., Smith, E. G., Endres, T., Holden, J. C., & Kuhn, F. (2010). Children and residential experiences: A comprehensive strategy for implementing a research- informed program model for residential care. Child Welfare, 89(2), 131-49.

After reading the article, please answer the following questions.

  1. What were the issues that led to the implementation of the program?
  2. Describe the program.
  3. How will the implementation of the program resolve the issues mentioned in the first question?
  4. If you were the manager of this program, what would identify as the positive aspects?
  5. What changes would you make to improve the program?

This paper HAS to be in apa format with a reference page the references MUST be cited into the paper ONLY 3 times AND PLEASE INCLUDE LINKS WITH THE REFERENCES You HAVE TO READ THE REQUIRED READING AND ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. I have read it myself and I know what everything IT is saying so please dont make up things as you go along i will know I have had these things done in the past. 


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