BIO117 Week 7 Discussion Menopause and Impotence Drug Therapies

Menopause and Impotence Drug Therapies

Chapter 24 includes an overview of menopause and impotence drug therapies.  Select one of the following topics and respond.  

Question A

Estrogen Therapy for Menopause.  Using your text and the internet, research the benefits and side effects of estrogen therapy for women in menopause.
  Then respond to the following:  if you were (or are) a woman, would you use estrogen therapy during menopause, why or why not?

Question B

Impotence. Impotence drugs have become so entrenched into our society that five-year-olds can pronounce the words Viagra and Cialis from television commercials. 
  Give your opinions on the benefits and possible detriments to the relationship of a couple using impotence drugs.


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