Asking The Right Questions:

Evidence: What are some methods you can use to evaluate evidence? Have you ever been guilty of using less than reliable evidence? How does learning about claims and evidence make you a stronger critical thinker?

Research and Evidence: What makes research reliable? How can you check the reliability of your evidence? Is there any research that can trust, 100%? Where are places you can go to hopefully find the most reliable research? What should you know about people conducting the research?

Belief systems and critical thought: Why is it important to look at things from perspectives outside of our own? What are some ways we can begin to see things from other perspectives? Why should we be careful when using the internet as a tool for exploration of thought and knowledge? How can you accomplish this successfully?

Tools for taking charge of your life and learning: Do you think other media outlets are biased, but not your own chosen sources? Do you make an effort to watch all media outlets-even the ones with which you do not agree? Do you ever search out foreign media outlets to get an even broader view? Do you really analyze what you hear, view, or read, or do you passively take it as truth? Most importantly, what are some critical thinking habits you can develop to address media bias?

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