Addressing Culture and HRM in Mergers

    Addressing Culture and HRM in Mergers

Why would a company based in Scandinavia that is very historic, rigid, as well as focused on employee welfare and security invest in an attempt to change the culture of a company in a country that is almost exactly the opposite in cultural, operational, and social responsibility focus? The scenario presented in “Merger, Culture, and HRM: The Marel and Stork Case” in chapter 8 (Edvardsson & Danielsdottir, 2012) is one that many organizations face as they work and potentially merge with companies with vastly different national and societal cultures.

Create an alternative solution to the one implemented by Marel that integrates the following:

  • What steps would you suggest to a company to address work culture, general culture, and work processes that are so different from its own?
  • What opportunities and potential traps might be part of your proposed alternative?
  • What solution do you believe has the greatest potential for long-term success? The solution implemented by Marel or your alternative? Explain.

Three pages in length (not including cover and reference pages).

Supported by a minimum of three additional scholarly articles.

CaseStudy Attached

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