5 page paper

This paper is to be approximately five (5) pages in length, not including the

references. The texts of the paper starts on page one with; a) title of the paper from

link attached, Author(s) Name(s), date of publication and b) your name,

course name and number, department, university and the due date. The text starts

immediately after. The paper must be in APA format and typed using MS Word

with a font size of 12 pt (please use spell checker and grammar checker). The link

below will direct you to a web site that can help you with APA format.


3. You are to a minimum of six (6) references. References that are acceptable for

citation must be from scientific journals or scholarly texts. Popular press articles

are not acceptable for the term papers.

4. While writing your term paper make sure that you address all as of the topic. To

enhance critical thinking, advance reasoning, and writing skills, your arguments

must be based on empirical evidence and the scientific literature. Opinions and

speculations should be kept to a minimum. Faith based arguments, such as the

bible or god, are not acceptable arguments for your term papers.

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