Module 1,2,3

There is 8 pages to fill in its  assessment  assigment one  2A 2B AND 3A AND 3B please look at it and let me know I am going to upload.They are due on different days Module 1 4/9 Module 2A/B 4/13 3A/B 4/16. I used my old assement book.


Some Instructions


In this class you will be assessing an adult each week.  You may not use a patient from your work (we do not want you to violate HIPAA), but need to choose someone from your private life—a family member, friend, coworker or fellow student, to be your “assessment buddy”.  It must be an adult because medical history questions will be asked, and a child might be unable to answer them.  You may select a different adult each week, and in fact might want to select someone with health problems in the area we are covering in a particular week—someone with COPD when we study the respiratory system, for instance.

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2.   St ude nt sar ere sponsi bl ef orc ont a c ti ngf ac ul t ym e m ber sf orc onsult a ti onre g a r di ngapr obl e mwit h, orque sti onsa bout ,t hec our se .   Contact your coach first, and if the coaches cannot help you, they will forward your request to the faculty responsible for that function.






1.      Weber, J. & Kelley, J. (2014). Health assessment in nursing (5thed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott.


ISBN-13: 9781451142808

ISBN-10: 1451142803


Please note that the e-book does not have page numbers and some students have preferred a hard copy due to the nature of assignments in the course.  On the other hand, one can search for specific words in the e-book, making it easy to find content.  Either version will work, so select the format that is best for your learning style.  Textbook rental or the purchase of used books are an economical way of getting access to the book.


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