You will have to demonstrate and make clear how your job analysis is making use of these models.

Attached are the questions you have to “ask” the person you are interviewing.
2. Use a combined “Critical Incident Approach” and the “Competency-Based Approach” to do your Job Analysis. You will need to very carefully read and understand these two approaches to Job Analysis. You will be using specific questions in your interviews that reflect these approaches. You will have to demonstrate and make clear how your job analysis is making use of these models.

3. The “Job Analysis Interview Questions” in Chapter 4 of the textbook will be very useful to your own interview of job holders. A sample job description for your project is given in Chapter 4.

4. Make sure that your job description and job specification and all the related information are being derived from the answers to your questions given by the job holder. Otherwise, you will get a very very low grade on this project. Do not copy and paste a job description or any part of a job description from someone else’s paper or the Internet. Students doing that in the past have received a 0 for the project and sometimes an F for the whole course.

5. Provide complete and comprehensive answers given by the jobholder to your questions (and any other supporting relevant information) in the body of your paper. This is central to the paper.

Now Read the following very carefully and strictly follow these directions!

B. Structure of the Job Analysis Project

Here is how you should approach the writing, organizing, and structuring of your Job Analysis Assignment.

Your Job Analysis Paper should be typed, double-spaced, with “1” margins on all sides.

Having a cover page is important with any assignment. The cover page should have your complete name, and Title of the assignment. The cover page should also contain information regarding the section of the HR class you are in and the time it meets. The date that you are turning in the assignment should be on the cover page as well.

You should have a brief abstract on the cover page. Have a complete Table of Contents on the next page.

Your Job Analysis assignment should have four sections as given below and these should be clearly marked using subtitles. In addition, in some of the sections, you will need to have subsections. I give you the structure below that you should use.

Section 1: Preparing For and Conducting the Job Analysis (15%) ~ 2 to 3 pages

Describe this field project in your own words and answer the following questions.

How did you go about doing the Job Analysis project? Which organization did you contact and what does this company do? Which position (give the title) in this company did you select for your job analysis? Is this an exempt or a non-exempt position?

How did you go about collecting data for the job analysis? (Specify the method or combination of methods used such as interviews, observation, questionnaires, etc.). Which individual or individuals did you collect the data from? (through interviews and observations – give positions, names, and dates).

Where did you interview the job holder or job holders?  How long did the interview or interviews last? Were you able to ask all your questions and get adequate information?  Were you able to observe the job holder at work? Were you able to verify the information by speaking to the supervisor or other qualified experts?  Was there anything you could have done to further enhance the data collection? Were you able to verify the validity of the data collected through other sources (such as the supervisor of the person you interviewed)?

Section 2: Questions asked and Comprehensive Answers given by the job holders. (Explain how each of the questions and answers  are  related to the Critical Incident Approach and the Competency-Based Job Analysis approach). 4-6 pages. (40%)

Section 3: Job Description and Job Specification.  4-6 pages (40%).

Use the Format in Chapter 4. But go further and demonstrate how your Job Description and Job Specification are based on the specific answers and other information that you received from the job holder. For each section of the Job Description and Job Specification, reference specific answers from the earlier section that you are basing the Job Description and the Job Specification on. Everything that is in this section should be fully documented in terms of the source that it came from.

Section 4: Recommendations and  Conclusion (5%)

Based on your Job Description and Job Specification, what are your observations regarding the adequacy of the current selection procedures and the performance standards for this job? What are your recommendations to improve these? Describe what you learned in doing this project. 1-2 double-spaced pages.

Your Job Analysis Paper must be thoroughly proofread. Evidence of general sloppiness, lack of organization, lack of focus, incoherence, improper grammar, and spelling mistakes will lead to a low grade on the assignment.  Review again the guidelines for scholarly works in the syllabus.

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