Write a 700-1000 word paper analyzing an emotional experience.

Write a 700-1000 word paper analyzing an emotional experience. The experience can be your own or that of another person. The experience should be one involving intense emotions such as self-defeating anger, anxiety, guilt, depression. Your analysis should identify and examine:

1. The elements of the emotional experience (emotional objects, bodily feelings, replaying of bodily feelings, behavioral changes, emotional reasoning).

2. The particular emotion/s in question (anger, guilt, anxiety, etc.) using the E=O + R formula (See examples of such definitions of emotions in your text, p. 8.)

3. The emotional reasoning. Formulate this reasoning using the standard form of emotion reasoning:

If O then R


So, R

For example, say O = my friend lied to me; and R = He is a rotten person. Then the emotional reasoning would be:

If my friend lied to me then he’s a rotten person

My friend lied to me

So, he’s a rotten person

(See reading on “Emotional Reasoning

” and your text, pp. 14-17, for further details).

4. Identify any fallacies in the premises (refer to chapters 2-4 in your text, the definitions contained in  Cardinal Fallacies, and your scanning records in Tell Walter);   5.  Show how to refute these fallacies, that is, discuss why they are irrational.

6. Discuss how the situation leading to the emotion/s in question might have been more rationally managed using the theory of guiding virtues and other philosophical insights gleaned from the course (see discussions of guiding virtues in your text, chapters 2-4, and the link Guiding (Transcendent) Virtues.

7. Discuss a plan of action based on these philosophical insights.

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