Workout Journal, health and medicine homework help

Students are required to write a summary of your workout in class, discuss your personal feelings how you are doing physically and include your diet. Students can write their personal feelings and track your diet below. You must include what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages… Please make sure to include time of day and where you are eating each meal! Examples: Today, I was well rested and felt strong during my workout. I felt tired and didn’t eat anything before class. I was out late the night before socializing with friends and didn’t get enough sleep. For your diet include what you ate for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Journals should be approx. a full page for each entry. 150 words minimum for each day.

Dates Required for journal:

12/19/16 12/20/16 12/21/16 12/22/16 1/2/17 1/3/17 1/4/17 1/5/17 1/9/17 1/10/17

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