Working with Watermills, Science fair proposal help


Im finding to help me for science fair project proposal.

I decided to make waterwheel

but now i have no idea how to write my proposal.

Please make for me.

Thank you

Project Proposal

In line with next year upcoming science fair, the student/ group of students (max 5) can write a research proposal within the bounds of Physics and other Sciences that can be actually demonstrated during the science fair. Students can approach me for feasibility of said proposal before going ahead.

Beginning this quarter, an experiment should be performed or models should be constructed as per the scope of said proposal. Which can also be subjected for bonus points in grading the quarter projects.

The research proposal must be written in the following format:

A4 size paper, 1″ margins, 12 times new roman, 1.5 spacing, APA citations and references

It should include the following:

Title: Title of the Research, authors and/ or members of the group

Introduction: Provide an overview of existing problems and benefits to its solutions

Review of Literature: At least 5 most recent experiments or research conducted that is connected with the project. APA citation and references.

Statement of the Problem: Define and ste the problem

Objectives of the Research: Provide the scope and objectives of the study

Methods and Materials: Provide an overview, summary of the materials needed, methods to be used, corresponding to the principles of science that will be demonstrated.

References: APA format

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