windows 7 and 10, writing homework help

At your workplace, company training is currently being conducted for all employees on Windows 10. Some employees are resistant to change, as they are comfortable with Windows 7 and do not want to upgrade since the new interface is quite different. These resisters are constantly complaining during the training sessions, and are always finding fault with the trainer’s presentations. The mood in the training room is deteriorating. You and a few other colleagues have heard that these employees are telling their managers that the trainer is not competent, and that the upgrade to Windows 10 should be delayed, as they are not ready for the conversion.

1. What should you and your colleagues do? Would it be wise to tell management of their tactics, or should you try to win them over to Windows 10 without turning them in?

2. Would your strategy be different if you work closely with the resisters? If you try to win them over to 

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