Why would we need to do a hypothesis test in the context of statistical analysis?

Directions: Please read each section carefully. Answer each question using original work and cite references according to APA standards.

Directions: Answer each question in 175 words must be original work.

1. Why would we need to do a hypothesis test in the context of statistical analysis?

2. List another reason why we would need to do a hypothesis test in the context of statistical analysis.

3. Problem: Emily is a fifth-grade student who completed a standardized reading test. She scored one standard deviation above the mean score.

Answer the following questions:

· How does the normal curve help you understand what this means about how Emily compares to other children who took the test? Explain how you determined your findings.

· How many children scored lower than Emily?

· How many children scored higher?

Directions: Read the scenario carefully

4. Identify whether the research scenario listed, would be a one- or two-tailed test and then justify your decision. For each research scenario in the bottom of the matrix, write what the null and alternative hypotheses would be.

Scenario: A local dermatologist claims that more than 30% of mole biopsies are unnecessary. Last month at his clinic, 210 out of 634 had benign biopsy results. Is there enough evidence to reject the dermatologist’s claim?

Directions: Read the scenario and follow the instructions the Happiness and Engagement Dataset is attached.

5. The Statistics Project assignment has been broken down into multiple parts and you will complete these parts throughout the course. This week’s assignment allows you to become familiar with opening data and viewing it in Microsoft® Excel® and using the Analysis Toolpak. In research, the individual data points are entered into databases, but for the purpose of this course, the data is provided in a spreadsheet for you in the Happiness and Engagement Dataset.

Imagine you have been asked to enhance workplace happiness and engagement at your company. You have conducted a survey and gathered data on the gender, age, relationship with direct supervisor, telecommute schedule, relationship with coworkers, along with the ratings for workplace happiness and workplace engagement for 50 individuals in your department. You must determine what variables affect workplace happiness and engagement. The first step is to run descriptive statistics on each variable to learn more about the data you have collected.

Calculate descriptive statistics for the following variables in the provided Microsoft® Excel® dataset:



Relationship with Direct Supervisor

Telecommute Schedule

Relationship with Coworkers

Workplace Happiness Rating

Workplace Engagement Rating

Write a 125- to 175-word summary of your interpretation of the descriptive results for each variable. Copy and paste the Microsoft® Excel® output below your summary.

Format your summary according to APA guidelines.

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