Which class of refuse (Choose one category of waste), assignment help

Garbage Assigment

Based on the results of your garbage assignment please answer the following questions:

1) Which class of refuse (Choose one category of waste) — for example paper, glass, metal or organic materials (such as food, garden waste) etc — comprised most of the waste you generated regardless of whether it went into the blue or black bin.

2) Did you measure your garbage by weight or volume? If you used weight, do you think your result for question #1 would have been different if you used volume? If you used volume, would the result have been different by weight? Think about how some refuse takes up more space but is light and how other waste is heavy but not big.

Make sure you answer everything that in the quesitons, use 1-2 paragraphs to anwer each questions.

When you Fill out the form , think you are an college student and living in LA.

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