Which assessment findings would the RN expect for a patient admitted in the moderate cognitive decline stage (Stage 5) of Alzheimer’s disease?

Which assessment findings would the RN expect for a patient admitted in the moderate cognitive decline stage (Stage 5) of Alzheimer’s disease?

a.Gets lost driving to or from the grocery store.

b.Unable to manage household bills, forgets own birthday, cannot understand newspaper.

c.Loses many things and needs to list to remember items to discuss.

d.Requires assistance with dressing, forgets own address, has time disorientation.

Which of the following interventions would be appropriate to maintain safety for a client with Dementia? Select all that apply.

a.Take away car keys.

b.Move bedroom to ground floor.

c.Allow client to cook own meals.

d.Orient to room and surroundings.

e.Encourage client to live alone.

A client experiencing delusions of reference will make the following statement to the RN:

a.”My television set transmits impulses that are controlling my thoughts.”

b.”There are subliminal messages on the radio that are intended for me.”

c.”I cannot walk in the hallway because the nurses are constantly watching me.”

d.”I am not really here; I live in a parallel universe.”

Which of the following behaviors would a client with Vascular Neurocognitive Disorder be expected to display? Select all that apply.

a.Small-stepped gait

b.Repetitive compulsive behavior

c.Weakness of the limbs

d.Irregular pattern of decline

e.Tremor in upper extremities

The community health care RN is completing a visit for a client with Dementia and selected the nursing diagnosis of Chronic confusion. Which would be an appropriate nursing intervention for this nursing diagnosis?

a.Encourage the use of dim lighting.

b.Provide diversional activities such as listening to music.

c.Divide self-care tasks into easy-to-accomplish steps.

d.Explain all procedures in detail.

An LPN is assisting the RN in caring for a female client with Schizophrenia who has been taking the medication haloperidol (Haldol). The RN will instruct the LPN to report to the RN which of the following client symptoms?

a.Weight gain

b.Stiff neck



A client experiencing negative symptoms of Schizophrenia has been stabilized on haloperidol (Haldol). Which of the following new client behaviors indicates that the medication has achieved the intended effect?

a.The client begins to shower daily and put on clean clothes.

b.The client reports that others on the unit cannot be trusted.

c.The client reports that auditory hallucinations have stopped.

d.The client requests that the hospital chaplain visits him daily.

During a focused assessment, a client with Schizophrenia answers with the words “thou sayest” after each question posed by the RN. This client action is characteristic of a:



c.Word salad

d.Clang association

In which order would the following symptoms be expected to occur in a client who develops Schizophrenia?

a.Sleep disturbance and poor concentration

b.Flat affect and impairment in role functioning

c.Hallucinations and disorganized speech

d.Social withdrawal and antisocial behavior

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